Emailing monthly invoices

For quite a long time now, automatically generated delivery notes can be sent to customers in PCG via PDF e-mail instead of being printed out and placed in the crate – and even, if the customer so desires, both can be done at the same time. This has proved so successful from both a business and ecological point of view that many companies have requested the same option for customers (usually companies) who require an invoice in addition to the delivery note. For the invoices generated automatically in the packing center or billing module together with the delivery notes, we have already implemented this for about one and a half years, whereby the invoice can also be sent to an email address that can be entered separately in the customer master module if required.

Now we have taken the next step and have also integrated the possibility of collected email dispatch for the invoices generated in the (large or small) customer master module – typically for the monthly payers. For many companies, this should make a whole number of monthly scheduled tasks for manually emailing monthly invoices superfluous. Continue reading “Emailing monthly invoices”

Meet the Team: Andrea

This time it’s Andrea in our round of introductions:

“My name is Andrea Rohmann and I am part of the PCG support team.
I have been using the PCG software as a user for two years.
Since the beginning of 2016, I’m happy to be able to help with support questions by mail and phone, and I’m very happy to be working in a team where everyone is there for everyone.
I try to reproduce error messages, test them for their regularity and document them for development / correction. When not doing this, I create help texts and help films or cut and edit the seminar films.

I live and work in the beautiful Allgäu in the small (not Gaulish) village of Warmisried near Mindelheim/Bad Wörishofen. I was born in the Ruhr area.
When I’m not dealing with the PCG, I’m on my bike (to survive the ascents -> a pedelec), hike or rush with straw hat with the convertible through the Allgäu to discover beautiful places.
In indoor weather I like to forge jewelry, paint, listen to good music of all styles, watch movies that have something to tell and practice playing the didgeridoo. It’s good for free sinuses!”

Meet the Team: Hanno

Today it is Hanno’s turn in our round of introductions:

“My name is Hanno Scholz, and in PCG I am part of the support team. After four years as a driver and in the office of a PCG delivery company, I switched to the other side of the phone in 2014, so to speak. Together with my colleagues, I try to find answers for your questions and concerns, which will help you in the current situation – and, if possible, also provide suggestions for your future exploration of unused functionalities.
Another important area is to participate in the documentation of the modules, the writing of instructions and the maintenance of our innovation documentation: At the moment, my main focus is on moving our PCG help system to a wiki system that also includes the online shop help, and that should be easier for us to maintain and better to use for you.

I live and work in my birthplace Leipzig, where I was born more than four decades ago. Most of my free time I spend with my wonderful family, the five of us never get bored. If I had a little more leisure time, I’d like to pick up the clarinet and saxophone more often and achieve a level that is at least suitable for home use.”