Meet the Team: Hanno


Today it is Hanno’s turn in our round of introductions:

“My name is Hanno Scholz, and in PCG I am part of the support team. After four years as a driver and in the office of a PCG delivery company, I switched to the other side of the phone in 2014, so to speak. Together with my colleagues, I try to find answers for your questions and concerns, which will help you in the current situation – and, if possible, also provide suggestions for your future exploration of unused functionalities.
Another important area is to participate in the documentation of the modules, the writing of instructions and the maintenance of our innovation documentation: At the moment, my main focus is on moving our PCG help system to a wiki system that also includes the online shop help, and that should be easier for us to maintain and better to use for you.

I live and work in my birthplace Leipzig, where I was born more than four decades ago. Most of my free time I spend with my wonderful family, the five of us never get bored. If I had a little more leisure time, I’d like to pick up the clarinet and saxophone more often and achieve a level that is at least suitable for home use.”