Emailing monthly invoices

Automatisierter Versand von Rechnungen aus dem Kundenstamm

For quite a long time now, automatically generated delivery notes can be sent to customers in PCG via PDF e-mail instead of being printed out and placed in the crate – and even, if the customer so desires, both can be done at the same time. This has proved so successful from both a business and ecological point of view that many companies have requested the same option for customers (usually companies) who require an invoice in addition to the delivery note. For the invoices generated automatically in the packing center or billing module together with the delivery notes, we have already implemented this for about one and a half years, whereby the invoice can also be sent to an email address that can be entered separately in the customer master module if required.

Now we have taken the next step and have also integrated the possibility of collected email dispatch for the invoices generated in the (large or small) customer master module – typically for the monthly payers. For many companies, this should make a whole number of monthly scheduled tasks for manually emailing monthly invoices superfluous.

The handling is rather simple: Both in the customer master module and in the customer window of the delivery service order processing you can now select email as output as well as printing (or in case of “only the selected customer” alternatively the print preview) when creating invoices: The generated emails with attached invoice PDF are then sent the next time the delivery note emails are transmitted – either automatically or manually.
If a different billing e-mail address is specified in the customer master module, it is also used here, of course, otherwise the billing e-mail is sent to the customer’s normal e-mail address(es).



By the way:
In one of the next articles we will present a function created for the new shop model, through which customers themselves can trigger the email dispatch of their last invoices or/and delivery notes directly in the shop.