Ready for Business! Websites with the new Shopsystem

New Shop

Admittedly, it took some time – but now all the the great functions that existed already are included – and of course much more!

Actually, the system has been in operation since February last year. However, the implementation of the online sales concepts that are now possible is often not only a technical thing, but also requires a lot of thought in the companies, occasionally requires organizational changes, sometimes forces to think about the entire marketing concept… in short: it also takes time.

In addition to the modernization of the technical basis, many more item details can now be displayed, there are filter mechanisms, the navigation is freely configurable directly from the PCG, there are more possibilities to display subscription boxes, we have relaxed the registration (“guest”) and also the subscription control is back.

In the meantime some of our customers reimplemented their websites, which means that there is not only the PCG team, which can advise you, but there are also colleagues you can ask. Much of what we have learned has ended up in the new documentation system, which we will present shortly at the user meeting.

The new system consists of building blocks that have to be built into a website. For example, there is a shopping cart component, a component for displaying articles, for logging in, for filtering products or components for chat and mail. Once you know which pages to place these components on, the WebDesigner has to “dress them up”in your style.

In contrast to the previous system, this gives a lot of freedom to design – this freedom forces me to think: how can I best present my products? A little crazy or traditional? Of course you can look at colleagues… or at other shops out there.

So far there are some websites, which means several web designers are already familiar with them and can make you an offer. As a PCG team, we will also be able to offer you pre-configured systems during the course of the year, including training and assistance with initial setup.

Within 2018, there will also be a prefabricated standard system, which will replace the current (“Amperhof”) model. This should also work “out-of-the-box” and can be adjusted in a few easy steps. Of course, you then have a standard layout and not the flexibility of the solutions described above.

Incidentally, the new system could also be installed “by the way”: Why not have a website just for one event? Only for some product groups or brands? For recipes or for a specific region? With the technique of alternative system this is easily possible parallel to the main shop.

We are happy to advise you!