The chat module has been ready for use in the shop for some time now – although it was initially built for the new shop, it also works with the Amperhof shop model!

After a few experiments, we decided to develop our own solution – this opens up many more possibilities for integration into our system.

A supervisor can manage many chats at the same time – but she can also protect herself from too many requests by using a “pause button”. In quiet times on the other hand, the supervisor can be “woken up” by SMS (therefore he does not have to wait in front of the PC or on his mobile phone all the time.) Especially on Sundays in the evening, several colleagues would certainly be busy supporting the customers by chating. Various studies seem to confirm that customer satisfaction and revenue increases when someone can respond immediately.

There are many ideas for the above integration – from screen broadcasting to live support by remote control of the website (where can I find the delivery pauses?). The system is also prepared for cross-company use, where, for example, one jointly “sponsored” supervisor can maintain different websites. The integration of automated systems (chatbots) is also an obvious solution.

Do you need a chat? You have to find out. But often there are small questions that are answered quickly and leave a good feeling of “they take care”. Maybe a feeling that compensates for a real store visit in person. On the other hand, some customers expect this because they have already used it “elsewhere”.

Anyway, the module is quickly switched on in the shop – and if necessary also switched off again ; -)