Tienda Online – Updates to Translations

New: Spanish and French

Thanks to our new colleague Rakel, the translations into Spanish and French have been revised or updated in recently. Especially texts for new program functions were still incomplete here and there. This applies to labels and texts in the PCG, as well as the default texts in the online shops.
The changes in the online shops are immediately active, for the PCG they may have to be installed manually.

By the way, the PCG can manage data (i. e. articles, product groups etc) in different languages – so it is possible to run the same shop for visitors in different languages and country settings! Only when other prices or cost calculations come into play, you would consider a real second shop (which can still be connected to the same PCG!). Then you can also seriously adapt even the design for the country … but that is worth another blog post.  ; -)

In any case, PCG owners are welcome to contact us if they need help translating names or texts in the article database or for texts on the website!