News in shop 6/22

Neues im Shop Modell 2016!

As usual, small adjustments and error corrections have been made to the system. Here we will briefly mention some of them:

  • Search in the shopping cart: This is helpful for large shopping carts and completes the sorting possibilities in the shopping cart. Both elements must be integrated and, if necessary, adapted by the web designer.
  • Irregularities in the data cannot always be detected – there are now alerts (email or SMS or PCG) that signal them before the customer is aware of them.
  • Mass mails can now be sent out slower automatically. This reduces the workload of sites or customer service for certain actions.
  • Optimisation of the automatic detection of “spam-clicked” returns. This ensures a high delivery rate of e-mails.
  • The new e-shops respect all the requirements of the new legislation (Omnibus), including the modification of the reference quantities or crossed-out prices.
  • New options for shop elements allow the web designer, for example, to build simpler pick-and-buy logics into the web pages.
  • Seasonal articles are no longer paused if they correspond to a cancellation.
  • The CSS test is back! This wasn’t a priority for the new shop templates, but it’s easier to build and test an alternative CSS during the process – and saves a staging system when it’s “just” the design.
  • There are new options for the minimum order settings: the value of a packing station can now override the total value, or a high total order value can sometimes override a packing station specific value.
  • After the PCC user meeting, the cancellation option has also been reviewed.


We have definitely unplugged the good old Schönegge model. This first – and super-fast – Javascript version of the shop was still operational until the end of 2021 – so for more than 18 years! Well, not everyone thought it was pretty 😉 – and it hadn’t been in conformity with the law for a while.