Meet the team: Till


Now it’ s Till’s turn:

Greetings, my name is Till, I was born in 1989 and I’m from Berlin. I grew up in the warm south, now I live in Freiburg, the city with the most hours of sunshine in Germany.

After finishing high school I worked for a few years as a bar tender in different bars, until I got more tempted to work with my head. At first I wanted to study electrical engineering, but then a good friend introduced me to the basics of programming and got me “hooked” – so I decided to study Computer Science. In order to get into university, I passed the Bachelor’s degree and started to study and then experiment.

During my studies, I soon noticed that it was the small and large, tricky tasks in software development that made me forget the time in front of the screen. Therefore, I think it is great to work in this field of IT and I am happy to have met PC-Gärtner, for whom I have been working remotely in a co-working space since the end of summer 2021.
With my work I hope to contribute to the success of the PCG team. (To not miss the exciting evenings as a bartender, I try to work one evening a month if time allows, so if you are around…).
I actually got in touch with PCG through Steffen, who I’ve known since my teens. I was hoping to meet you all in person at the last user meeting, unfortunately I was prevented from doing so by Corona’s rules – but I am very confident about the next user meeting and am already looking forward to meeting you all face to face.