PCG and regional commercialisation structures


There are successful examples in Germany and abroad of regional partnerships in commercialisation. The PCG team is significantly involved in them and we are happy to share our experiences with you:

  • In Baden-Württemberg, several farms have joined forces to form the company biobauern.hn UG. One of them is wino near Heilbronn with Jürgen Winkler.
  • In Bavaria, ILE (Integrated Rural Development) is involved in the Chiemgau region. Hans Lecker from Biohof Lecker is one of them.
  • In Hesse, the Weltladen Kirchhain is in development, near Marburg.
  • In Cali, Colombia, there is EcoHuerta, a delivery service that tries to create a viable income for many small agricultural entrepreneurs through its commercialisation initiative and also to encourage them to adopt organic farming.
  • In Nigeria, there is Humulus Horticultural CC in Windhoek, a German gardener who has introduced PCG as software to Africa in order to organise his organic cultivation and commercialisation there. You can find information about the project on Facebook.

And of course there are many regional initiatives in the surroundings of our customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.