EU organic


Ok, the amendment to the EU organic regulation has not yet been fully adopted – but that will probably come soon (it was probably a tight vote, and, well, 2021 is the target – many things can happen until then). Though (EU-)”organic” is now stricter than before – as a consumer, I would have preferred real measurable criteria in any case – after all, we have them (of course at a completely different level) for conventional greenery too. It is about liability – or labelling – if there is potentially polluting conventional field next door.

But it has been a long struggle for the current version – and if it will eventually be implemented, it is in fact a good step further towards a greater clarity (e.g. origin) and even diversity (seed regulation).

No matter, organic food remains organic, and if you want to be even safer, look at the logos of the growers’ associations in the shop.

See SZ and other sources.