Meet the team: Rebekka

Life without an organic box delivery service never existed for me. During my childhood and youth on the Schniedershof farm in Wachtendonk on the Lower Rhine, my parents’ farm was always omnipresent. Making hay, looking after the pigs, chickens and kitchen, packing organic boxes for a small tip, playing shopping in the farm shop and, of course, admiring and looking after the cute puppies and kittens … we were allowed to enjoy this and much more as children. Since I was also interested in office work, after 13 years of Waldorf school and 8 months of voluntary service in Ghana, it was obvious to study something in this direction: ‘Rethinking Business’-Business Studies at Alanus University. But even then, I was more interested in the artistic and philosophical subjects of the general studies than the business topics. Nevertheless, I gained valuable experience at my practical partner dm-drogeriemarkt and worked for 2 years in the branch in Dormagen as deputy branch manager after my studies. But since the assortment there did not interest me much, I decided to make the switch from LieSe to PC-Gärtner in my parents’ company in 2015. Until 2018, I was responsible for the packing station, contact person and developer for all topics concerning PC-Gärtner.

I was drawn to new paths again: a study to become a Waldorf class teacher in Stuttgart. I have now paused this during the Corona period, am doing training in choaching and healing, and am contributing my knowledge of PC-Gärtner in support, at training sessions and again in my parents’ business.

Meet the Team: Katrin

Today it is Katrin’s turn in our round of introductions:

“A warm hello to you! I would like to start my presentation with the three most important places for me so far. These are Berlin (where I grew up), Freising (where I lived for over 20 years and founded my family) and Dresden, Saxony. Here I (or better: we) live again, following the five very nice years during my studies in this city.

As an engineer and adult educator, I have worked a lot at universities and still do so to a very limited extent. But professionally I am more than ever in the PCG team. With Bob, my husband, known to everyone as the heart and soul of Ökobox-Online, I am working on what has priority: testing software, contacting you customers, moderating user meetings, writing texts for the documentation platform or blog, recording videos for marketing purposes or as tutorials and discussing future features.

I find it fascinating how we in the team “only” connected with telephone, email, Trello and Skype work together on projects for you, the user of PC Gärtner and the Ökobox online shop most of the time. We can say that there is always someone from the PCG team nearby. No matter where.
Greetings from Saxony!”


PCG Team at the regional fairs

At this year’s BioOst in Berlin we were again represented with a trade fair booth.  Sunday, 22nd of April, was an opportunity for a regional exchange. Some customers visited us at our booth. In addition, there were some discussions with interested parties.

The next opportunity is BioNord in Hanover. Please note Sunday, 9th of September, Deutsche Messe Hannover, Hall 4.
As always, there are news about the PC Gardener, the modules, the Driver App and the online shop.


Which Browser?

For various reasons we need information about a visitor’s browser. Not only to deliver shop content optimized for the respective end device, but also to evaluate our efforts for testing new functions: We always test the top 5 browser/operating system combinations. For this purpose, we classify the browser information (the so-called “user agent”).

In the admin area you can see this information for everyone.

Currently in front: Android before Windows. In the browser war, Google’s Chrome clearly leads Google’s chrome – this is based on data from our European clientele of about 120,000 visits per week.

This statistic uses the versions of browsers and operating systems – so it is always up-to-date.

Which browsers in the picture above (from StatCounter) are the best?

Delivery cost limit and minimum order value

These two concepts have been connected for a long time – for some time now it has been possible to set this separately:
Minimum order value: as before, subscribers with sufficient lead time can also order below this level.
Delivery cost limit: if more orders are placed, no delivery costs will be added.
These values can now also be individual per customer (or per tour as in PCG)!


The tracking function has also been revised following the conversion to the new shop system. Tracking means on the one hand the session record of a customer (helpful for troubleshooting) but also the statistics about all customers and visitors. In addition to some corrections of the data, which flow into the well-known statistics module (Shop-Admin-Area > Statistics), Google Analytics (GA) is now optionally also fed with data.

Technically, however, this is not done directly from the customer’s browser – we protect our customers from overzealous advertisers (incl. Google itself). The transfer of data takes place – already with us anonymously – from our servers.

In GA, you can view page views (now depending on the article or product group!) and events (purchase orders and even deliveries of the drivers). Openings of the serial mails are also recorded!

You can turn it on by going to Settings > Tracking in the admin area of the shop. From October on the module will be charged, so until then: Try it!


In the same settings area you will also find the connection to Trustpilot – a rating platform that tries to collect neutral customer reviews.

If they are good, you can of course also use them for advertising purposes on your own pages or in your own advertising. The connection directly from our system has the advantage of a very simple use for the customer – just by clicking on a link, without further registrations.

Brodowin‘s colleagues were the pioneers here – they also collected some nice reviews!


Individualized emails

Own Email Templates

It was also possible to adapt the design of the email until now – however, the design had to be deposited in the shop. For some time now, your web designer can now design emails. Under Settings > Mail/SMS in the admin area, up to three templates can be stored, which can also be selected in the PCG – e. g. in the cover letter administration.

A template is HTML code at first, just as web pages are built. However, this HTML can be easily customized with the help of placeholders and variables. This goes not only for the salutation (%Title% becomes “Mr.” / “Mrs”), but also for embedding articles (such as a ticker!) or even text modules from the admin area’s content.

If you use a CMS, you can now also store the templates in the CMS and thus benefit from a uniform design and the reuse of contributions.

Each message from you could contain an advertising corner or a teaser for the Hoffest, which is inserted in every email. The PCG still only contains the message that belongs to customer communication.

All in all, there are now many possibilities to design the current (“transactional”) mails and the serial mails. A consultation may be necessary, please contact us.


As I just mentioned, the possibilities for personalization have been expanded. This has already worked for emails. What’s new is that this now also works in all placeholder texts.
In addition, you can use other text modules and variables in a placeholder text – there are only a few limits to creativity.

In addition, there are many new variables, for example to indicate the time or for links to the shop, similar to a ticker.

Changes to the permissions system

This is still quite fresh, even if some emails have already arrived. The role assignment has been in the PCG for a long time now, and even if there are other plans to standardize the PCG and shop roles, the current reorganisation should come closer to the conditions in the companies.

Roles are set in the PCG in the employee administration or in the customer/net data.

The most important changes:

  • The super access (i. e. the one with a superpassword) doesn’t get a link to the admin-area anymore – this is only for customer support (and therefore better called super-customer)
  • Only logged-in users in admin role, WebDesigner role or the “drivers with privileges” have access to it, and then only to certain areas.
  • WebAdmins = WebDesigner no longer have access to sensitive data under Geo/Stats/Status
  • Driver MUST be in a driver’s role! Previously, the employee assignment was sufficient.

This means that, among other things, the operating data (key figures, statistics) can only be viewed by the correct “administrator”, usually as the manager.

As a side effect, there are now also easier access possibilities to the admin area directly from the PCG. More about this in a later article.

PCG Team at Biofach 2017

Once again we presented news and products at the Biofach – this time together with DEMETER. In addition to interested casual customers, many customers visited us there for individual discussions.

The Biofach is always worth a visit to find out about the latest industry news and to set our position as a part of the professional world.

We had the chance to show our visitors the new shop system, but also the booth of the app for the shop.

The new feature for the Alexa system was the speech input, which allows the shops to be operated purely by voice input. The system is already in trial operation with some customers and will be further developed into a uniform platform with the chat system.