: App for (almost) everyone

Logo Esst.Bio has been around for a while – a website and an app for the shops in the PCG world.

We have been pondering for a long time whether and how an app can be integrated into our infrastructure in a meaningful way – so that the final customers also have an extra benefit from it. After all, the websites themselves should be responsive (i.e. suitable for mobile phones). And of course the online shop, which is often embedded, but sometimes also deeply integrated into the website. So why take on even more effort and build an app?

An app is a little closer to the customer. Some may create a “shortcut” to a website in their mobile phone and also allow access via push message. However, this is not common, especially with browsers; access via an app from the official app store is often easier.

This is also the main advantage: as a customer, you are “faster” in the shop and receive relevant information (e.g. about updated subscription orders or delivery status) directly on your mobile phone.

A customer downloads the app from the App Store, connects once to “her” delivery service company and logs in with her customer data. If you “stay in” after logging in, from then on it is only a click away to the subscription or the current delivery.

For the delivery company, this increases customer loyalty; it is also possible to address app customers directly in marketing. Certainly, some customer groups are easier to reach via app.

All participating companies can be found initially under the umbrella of This increases the visibility in the app stores and of course reduces the effort for maintenance and further development. In addition, we also plan to do some advertising to inform potential new customers via this website and app about the possibilities for delivering organic and regional products by subscription.

As described, the website must be suitable for a mobile phone. If this is not the case, the app can also be configured directly for the (responsive) online shop. This also works for older websites and only requires a little consultation.

However, if you are looking for an app that is individually customised to your business (or if you are not exclusively active in the organic sector), Winkler-Software might be the place to go. They are also developing an app with the public PCG interface and it is already in use. A new user interface has also been developed.

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