Customer Advisory Board


By the time of the PCG user meeting in 2017, we decided to establish a customer advisory board. This should improve the transparency of our decisions regarding development steps, establishing priorities and of course we also look forward to a better understanding of the challenges our users face every day.

We have currently nine users who represent a good spectrum of our customers, although not optimally (company size, PCG modules used or shops).  Interested? Further members are welcome!

This group has been meeting for about a year now, usually once a month in a telephone conference. Even users who are not on the advisory board can get in touch with them. Although the PCG team organises the advisory board meetings, this is a customer committee which can of course also organise itself to implement its wishes.

In addition to the topics that are obvious, such as the program functionalities, there are also many internal topics, from quality questions to prioritisation or personnel matters.

Current topics are the presentation of the support structure in the PCG team, the revision of the packing station and problems and implementation with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

You can find further information of the Advisory Board in the Documentation System (in German).