Developer-Info 11/2017: Chat, Newsletter, SEO


In this category we inform developers about changes to the system. Normally we will keep all interfaces (CSS class names, API calls, library dependencies) backwards compatible. For this reason, find here changes that can be incorporated into your managed websites, but they do not have to. Occasionally we also mention fixes for “prominent” bugs.

November 2017
  • A change in the HTTP headers now prevents caching from taking effect in development environments if it is not intended. This was the case when simultaneously editing files with calls to a staging and to the live system (or generally from different servers).
  • Improvements in the SEO area: All permalinks have been unified to really point to one resource. In general, navigation entries now all have an href attribute (. oo-shop-item-permalink). The generated sitemap has also been adapted to the new shop.
October 2017
  • New component: Chat. After a long evaluation of alternatives we decided to implement our own. This component is to be installed and adapted like all the others; there is a design guide and also a reference. As a WebDesigner you have the right to use the “remote station” in the admin area, so you can try it out and design it. A more general description will follow in a later blog post.
  • New switch on the search component: data-oo-search-onenter=”true” allows an “Enter” to trigger the search directly. If you do not select this option, the results preview will be displayed as before.
  • New component: Subscribe. We also use them ourselves in our blog. This makes it very easy to register for a newsletter, including double opt-in. After successful confirmation, the addresses land in a PCG action group. The unsubscription can be done with links from the serial mails and is also handled by this component. So try out the whole process during design!

(Translated with -sorry, but its great! – Bob)