Online shops for PCG

Online shops for PCG

To connect an online shop (Shop2016) to PCG, there are several options, which vary in the effort and possibilities of marketing and eCommerce.

Standard template (1)Mini-website with online shop (1a)Neos-website with online shop (2)Customized Shop (3)
For integration into websitesFor a quick startSmart system incl. consulting and supportFor implementing your own design ideas with your own Web Designer
200€ or forfait 800€Forfait 1300€15200€ or by agreementAbout 4000€...16000€

(in all cases there are fees to be added, see below)

In the detailed descriptions (below) you will find some examples.

(1) Shop2016 with Standard model

As replacement for the so-called “Amperhof” shop (see below), it is possible to choose a pre-configured model. This is the system’s default shop.

  • Easy to handle, requires only a few settings in the PCG
  • 100% responsive, for integration into websites with and without CMS
  • It contains all the features by default
  • Cheap
  • Styles (e.g. colours) can be changed
  • The configuration is predefined and cannot be changed.
  • Depending on the existing website, some CSS adjustments are necessary.
  • Fees: monthly fee according to the Ökobox-Online price list, 200€ set-up fee plus installation costs via the Web Designer (approx. 2..8 hours) or alternatively a 800€ conversion offer (incl. setup, settings, colour and font adjustments, installation in website), price of the module in the PCG (if not yet installed), training cost to use all the possibilities of the system (approx. 500€ / day)

Preview with Bosshammerschhof data / Biohof Braun / Gärtnerei Kronacker / Biohof Reber / Infos zum Umstieg (in German) / More information about Standard Template

(1a) Mini website with Standard Template

Small format (a few fixed pages) with the standard model. Use of the integrated Mini-CMS, including initial installation (domain, hosting, email, text, images) and basic configuration.

  • Fast and affordable implementation
  • 100% responsive for all elements
  • The configuration and structure can only be changed slightly.
  • Fees: monthly fee according to Ökobox-Online price list, 1300€ installation fee, price of the module in the PCG (if not yet installed), training to be able to use all possibilities of the system (approx. 500€/day)

(2) Neos online shop and CMS

This is a system for a complete website, where a template is already pre-integrated with the Shop2016. In addition to the functionality of the shop, you can also use the functionalities of a CMS, such as page management or image storage. Currently we offer the system in a package with installation and training.

  • Quickly ready to use: the package includes settings and training
  • Also offers CMS functionality with many CMS components
  • Centralized further development and maintenance
  • Very largely customizable
  • As a complete solution, including the first installation
  • Fees: monthly fee according to Ökobox-Online price list, price of the module in the PCG (if not yet available), 15000€ license + 100€/month for system maintenance and installation costs, 400€ setup fee
  • Extend to a full suite of services (e.g. image design and text selection), minimizing the conversion effort needed to run the system

Bosshammerschhof / Amperhof / DieGemüsekiste / Hof Mahlitzsch / Lebendiges Land

(3) Creation of personal online shops

With the help of the elements, almost any design idea can be realised with Shop2016. The logic of the elements allows the development of important shop functionalities continuously and independently of the development of the website.

  • Customizable
  • Can be integrated into any CMS system
  • Wide range of elements
  • Higher design and configuration costs
  • There are costs for the web developer, which result from the integration of the shop and also from the realization of the design.
  • Fees: monthly fees according to the Ökobox-Online price list, flat rate of 1000€ for project support and testing, price of the module in the PCG (if not yet available), training costs to be able to use all possibilities of the system (approx. 500€/day), 3000€…25000€ realisation costs according to the size of the project and the website.

Abokiste24 / etepetete bio / Ökodorf Brodowin / Hof Engelhardt / Kaiser Biogenuss / Die Gemüsegärtner

(4) API

You can also create your own online shop or connect to external systems via API: PCG data relevant to e-commerce is accessible via a REST/Json interface. We recommend this method only for special shops or applications, since a complete implementation of PCG system functions is time-consuming.

  • Very flexible
  • Possibilities for development of own elements or modules, which were not available
  • Complex
  •  Fees: monthly fees according to Ökobox-Online price list, additional costs depending on the project

(5) Shop “Amperhof” (former standard shop)

From a technological point of view, it is based on frameworks and is still maintained, but is no longer actively developed.

  • Quick installation
  • Customizable via CSS
  • Partially responsive
  • Fees: monthly fee according to Ökobox-Online price list, 400€ installation fee, price of the module in the PCG (if not yet available)